Yes, commissions are still available to those who want them. I've adjusted the rates slightly given the way things seem to be fluxuating in life nowadays. In any case, I'm sure you'll find they're still decently priced. Added a new commission type to the mix as well, for those wanting something with a slightly different flavor...


A simple hand drawn commision, includes just the linework along with your choice of text and background effects. The price for this is $20.


A mid/high-grade commission in which I use my tablet to draw up a fully colored digital image like those found in my Virtual Art gallery. The price for these is $25.

Note: Oekaki range in size from as low as 350 up to 700 pixels high/wide depending on content.

Full Color

Another hand drawn, but high-grade commision, I take the time to fully color your pic, applying names of the character or whatever else you may like. The price for this is $40.
So, there are all the choices available. Keep in mind however, prices may vary due to how complicated your request is, multiple characters(3 or more) or multiple boxes ala comic book style may increase the final cost. If you're interested in ordering a commision, please get in contact with me, and we can make arrangements. LATERZ!