Akari Ichijo
Last Blade
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Full name Akari Ichijo
Series   Last Blade
D.o.B / Age   26 September 1850 / 13yr
Height   Not known
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Her family, travelling
Dislikes   Hell's Gate, listening to her father's lectures, Juzoh dragging her home
Affiliated Characters   None
Family   Hikari (older sister), Juzoh (adopted older brother)
Background Info   In the first Last Blade, it's known that the Ichijo family works in the security business, although they mostly just observe. Even though she is only 13, Akari can summon spirits just as well as anyone else, and she has an attitude to go with it. One day Akari's father sent her off to observe the Gates of Hell and report to him about it. However Akari, determined to give her job 200%, goes not only to find out what is going on but to put everything to right again while she's at it. Easy enough, ne?

In the second Ladt Blade, when her beloved sister, Hikari, fell ill, Akari became restless and worried. Soon, her father called for her, his expression grim. He started to tell her that Hell's Gate had.. but before he could so much as say what it had done, or might be doing, Akari was on her feet and headed for the door; her reckless mind suddenly sure that Hell's Gate was the reason for her sister's illness, she was determined to cure Hikari, and get revenge at the same time. Her father was left to shout curses after her disappearing figure.

Akari is a miko with the ability to summon demons and make copies of herself using a doll known as Hagure. She can also teleport, making her tricky to hit. In Last Blade 2, when Akari is sliced to death from a lethal attack, she actually replaces herself with a cut Hagure doll, mocks the opponent and runs off. This may be to prevent an on-screen death of a child, although swordswoman Takane Hibiki is 16 and receives no special animation for her death. (Sources: Bakumatsu Roman: The Last Blade website and Wikipedia)

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