Alice Tsukagami - Nonomura
Bloody Roar
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Full name Alice Tsukagami - Nonomura
Series   Bloody Roar
D.o.B / Age   17yr (BR1) / 22yr (BR2) / 23 (BR3/BR:PF/BR:EX) / 24 (BR4)
Height   159cm
B / W / H   86cm / 58cm / 89cm
Weight   57kg
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Caesar salad, Ice cream sundaes
Dislikes   Onions
Affiliated Characters   None
Family   Mitsuko (adpoted mother), Mr.Nonomura (adopted father), Uriko (adopted sister), Yugo (best friend and boyfriend)
Background Info   Alice was kidnapped as a small child by the company Tylon and converted into a Zoanthrope, a person with the ability to turn into a half human, half animal fighting beast. Alice managed to escape the organization before she could be brainwashed, but another girl wasn't so lucky. Her name was Uriko. Alice decided to fight back against Tylon and rescue the little girl who'd helped her escape.

After the fall of Tylon, Alice was all alone in the world. So it was Mitsuko, Uriko's mother, who adopted her into the Nonomura family so she could live out a peaceful life as a part of their family. After graduating high school, she became a nurse. One day, her friend Yugo was brought into the hospital where she worked. But as she tried to talk to him, he left the hospital. Concerned for his welfare, she chased after him to drag him back to the hospital for treatment.

Being a gentle soul who shows great love and compassion to those who are sick and injured and being a close friend with Yugo, Alice decided to follow him to participate in the activities of the Non-Government Organisation (NGO), the World of Co-Existence (W.O.C.). In doing so, she left her job as a professional nurse. She became anxious when Yugo goes out alone to discover the origins of the 'XGC', a mark that appears on the bodies of Zoanthropes and bringing great power but at the cost of their life. Being marked by the XGC herself, Alice does not hesitate to follow after Yugo...

The W.O.C. once a small volunteer group has now grown into a commercial enterprise. Alice finds herself confused amongst the big changes occurring in the company. Aside, she concerns herself over Yugo, who has recently taken up the invitation to participate in the tournament in the Zoanthrope Kingdom. She agrees with his reasons to go, having heard the rumours of suspicious activities occurring behind the scenes, though she feels saddened she wasn't invited and that Kenji knows more information then her in the circumstances. Though, she feels the young ninja is very mature and he wouldn't let his emotions overcome him like she would over Yugo, and supports his good work as the vice-president of the W.O.C. It's as she is considering these thoughts that she receives a letter from Long, inviting her to the tournament. She takes up the invitation and heads for the tournament.

Alice who has been living the life of a volunteer in the W.O.C, has recently been aiding those who have been injured in the earthquakes in the area. A young girl, dress in the clothes of a shinto priestess appeared in the disaster area. Alice found this very strange under the circumstances and called to the girl. She requested that Alice tend to her friend, Ryoho. Not knowing the situation, she tried to refuse, but when she heard the girl mention that the earthquakes were their fault, Alice became intrigued and decided to follow her to find out more...

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