Alisa Bosconovitch
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Full name Alisa Bosconovitch
Series   Tekken
D.o.B / Age   (revived in cyber body 5 years ago)
Height   Not known
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Ogre's blood
Likes   Dr. Boskonovitch
Dislikes   Mishima Zaibatsu, Kazuya Mishima
Affiliated Characters   Anna Williams, Emily "Lili" Rochefort, Nina Williams, Zafina
Family   Doctor Bosconovitch
Background Info   Alisa Boskonovitch is one of the 2 new characters introduced in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion. She is the daughter of Dr. Boskonovitch, a world class cyber and genetic scientist hired at Mishima Zaibatsu Research Center. Both were kidnapped by Kazuya Mishima during the events of Tekken 2. The doctor was forced to work on a number of projects for Kazuya, which involved the creation of the bio-weapons, the creation of Roger and Alex and the completion of the Prototype Jack unit. Unfortunately, Alisa contracted a rare disease and soon passed away. Her father began the "Cold Sleep" project as a means of preserve her body, using Nina and Anna Williams as test subjects. After completing his tasks, and before being executed, Dr. Boskonovitch was rescued by Yoshimitsu. Nearly twenty years later, Dr. Boskonovitch contracted the same disease that killed Alisa. In order to cure himself and to revive his daughter, he needed the blood of the fighting god, Ogre. He turned to an old friend: Yoshimitsu for help. Yoshimtsu entered the Tekken 3 tournament and was successful in retrieving a sample of Ogre's blood after it had been killed by Jin Kazama.

Using Ogre's blood, Boskonovitch revived Alisa and exchanged damaged body parts with robotic ones. Alisa amplifies many of her attacks with collapsible jet pack like wings and rockets from her feet. She can also extend chainsaws from her lower arms and her body parts are detachable, they instantly grow back in what appears to be nanoparticle-assisted regeneration. All of her body parts appear to be non-critical, some of her attacking moves involves removing her own head to use as a weapon or even a makeshift explosive device with no ill effects, and arms can be torn off by the opponent or even used as improvised missiles. Alisa has pink hair and green eyes, and speaks in a very polite manner.

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