Ameria Wil Telsa Saillune
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Full name Ameria Wil Telsa Saillune
Series   Slayers
D.o.B / Age   14yrs
Height   Not known
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Not known
Dislikes   Not known
Affiliated Characters   Filia Ul Copt, Lina Inverse, Naga
Family   King Phil (Father), mother, Naga (Sister)
Background Info   Amelia is the youngest in the group. Being the youngest, she is also an amateur on spell casting when comparing her to others. But, her spirit to fight never dies. In fact she is a very enthusiastic girl who has dedicated her life to protecting the innocent and correcting the injustice some had done. Her dream is to be known as protector of the innocent, defender of justice throughout the land.

Amelia is the daughter of Prince Philionel el de Saillune. Her father is mainly her influence on her save-the-innocent attitude. He doesnšt cast spells though. I know one episode that touched me is when Amelia thought her father had died. When she was browsing through the books in her library while remembering her father. That shows that she really loves her father. Not to mention her father is her only mentor. Nothing is known about Ameliašs mother. She died when Amelia was very young. It is said that Amelia's mother was killed with a sword. And that explains why Amelia doesnšt use a sword when fighting unlike the others. Nahga, Linašs 'goldfish' sidekick, is said to be Ameliašs sister, Gracia who ran away from home after that particular incident. (Nahga hates the sight of blood possibly after that incident) Amelia quoted that she remembers her sister by her horrifying laughter and the fact that her sister is very tall. In one episode in the First TV season of Slayers, when the group (minus Zelgadiss) travels in a city where the trio had to disguise themselves, therešs a part where a tall woman graces through the streets and Amelia did a double take at her, possibly thinking that it was her sister. In fact the woman did look like Nahga. Another point, in Slayers Try, when Gourry was paired up with Amelia. Amelia commented that her sister is as tall as Gourry. (Nahga is almost as tall as Gourry).

The only spell she is able to cast professionally is the white magic and the spirit spell. But you can put raywing into it too. She also casts the Elmekia Lance .. I think when fighting with Rezo ? And Diem Wind, which blows anyone around the person who casts it. Probably her most popular spell, that is only use by her is the Visufuranku. The Visufuraku is spirit energy gathered in both fists shaping like boxing gloves and she'll punch anything into the oblivion. Surprisingly, this is a very powerful spell. Note, in Slayers Next, almost to the last episode. There was two flying sphere. A red one and a gray one. I canšt remember which does this but one attacks and the other blocks any attack thatšs directed to the other ball. Lina was sucked into another dimension at that time. So, in order to protect themselves, Zelgadiss and Amelia lounged the attack. Amelia punched one of the sphere vigorously and then she gathered all her energy to destroy one of the sphere ! She did want to learn the Dragu Slave, but somehow it didn't work out. Lina put her through a very hard training for that. Amelia too can cast the healing spell properly. Another she sometimes cast is the Ra Tilt, which is one of the most powerful spells in spirit magic. Amelia performs this spell with Zelgadiss.

When fighting, she usually seeks a tall tree or boulder to stand on, as she wants to appear taller than her opponents. She will jump up to the tree and gives her speeches which contains about the innocent, how mean for the opponents to do that, and how she is going to correct it. Then shešll jump down to give her opponent a fight. True in the first series she is clumsy and lands on her face, but later, in Next and Try, she seemed to lost the clumsiness slowly. In the First TV series, she may be annoying, crying when something bad happens. But hey, she does try to fight it. And later in Next and Try, she doesn't cry when something bad happens. I think being with Lina, Gourry, and Zelgadiss made her become more solid and bold.

Being the princess of Saillune she has many duties to perform. Be the diplomat of Saillune when going to other countries.. for example, Marchina's country. But when Amelia reached there, Marchina captured her and hung Amelia upside down in a tower. Lina and co. save the day and destroyed most of Marchinašs kingdom. Apparently, Amelia is embarrassed if Lina hollered over to her whenever she is in her princess form. Proof one, She rides away when Lina and Gourry called up to her when she is heading towards Marchinašs castle. Proof two, she ducks as Lina called her when Amelia was giving a speech in Try. Possibly she is embarrassed because shešs afraid that Lina, Gourry or even Zelgadiss (hešs hardly there) humiliates her by speaking the wrong thing.

One thing about her is that she is a very determined girl. She doesnšt gives up easily when something remotely bad happens. She just tries harder. Like the time when Lina put her through that training to learn the Dragu Slave. Amelia climbs mountains with a heavy load on her back, she was tired, but hey, she wanted to learn the Dragu Slave. True on first sight, she thought Lina was the evil one, but we all learn from our mistakes. And she did. She became bolder, more solid, and hopefully someday she'll fulfill her dreams. Go Amelia !

[ Biography written for, and borrowed from 'Amelia's Fortress' ]

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