Thunder Empress Arshes-Nei
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Full name Thunder Empress Arshes-Nei
Series   Bastard!!
D.o.B / Age   120yr (Not sure)
Height   172cm
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   61kg
Bloodtype   B
Likes   Not known
Dislikes   Not known
Affiliated Characters   None
Family   Dark Schneider (Raised her)
Background Info   Arshes is a half elf, born from a dark elf and human. The "daughter" of Dark Schneider who became an orphan in the war, only to be adopted by him. She is called the "Thunder Empress" because she is especially skillful in magic of the lightning system, and excels in magic and swordsmanship. Moreover, the subordinate of the Three Kidoushuus accompanies her. Due to her traumatized childhood, she behaves like a child in front of Dark Schneider, eventhough she has command power and leads an army.

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