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Full name Asellus
Series   SaGa Frontier
D.o.B / Age   Not known
Height   Not known
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   White Rose, Ildon, Gina
Dislikes   Being despised by Human and Mystic alike, her new life as a Mystic
Affiliated Characters   None
Family   Aunt
Background Info   One day, Asellus was completing an errand for her Aunt to Dr. Okonogi's house. Out of nowhere, a carriage runs her over. The carriage belonged to Lord Orlogue - a powerful mystic and ruler of Fascinaturu. The Lord chooses to save Asellus, but there is only one way that could do that: A blood transfusion. Inheriting the transfusion directly from the Lord, not only does Asellus become a Half-Mystic, she becomes a noble mystic. She becomes "Lady Asellus", an heir to the Lord and "Prince" of Fascinaturu.

After the accident, Lord Orlouge brings Asellus to Facinaturu, where she remains asleep for 12 years. When she awakens, she is unaware of the passage of time as, as a Half-Mystic, she has not aged. After discovering her new lineage, the Lord soon appoints Princess White Rose, the kindest of all of his princesses, to teach Asellus manners. The Lord also assigns Ildon to her care with the intent to teach her about her Mystic powers. Unfortunately, the hospitality does not suit Asellus, as she just wants to return home. When Asellus escapes from Fascinaturu, she does so with the help of White Rose, who remains her close companion and eventual love interest for most of the story.

The escape upsets Lord Orlouge, mostly because White Rose had accompanied Asellus in the escape. The Lord then orders Ciato, a member of the trusted court, to bring White Rose back to the Chateau at any cost.

Asellus will eventually find out of the time lapse, as she returns to her Aunt's house after her escape. Her Aunt reveals that Asellus has been dead for 12 years, and realizes the Mystic lineage within her. Her Aunt runs in fear of her safety, severely upsetting Asellus before being attacked by one of three Sages sent out by Ciato. Asellus and Princess White Rose remain on the run from Lord Orlouge's many servants, but after White Rose sacrifices herself to save Asellus's life and freedom, Asellus decides to return to Facinaturu and defeat Lord Orlouge to end the struggle once and for all. She is joined eventually by Ildon, who is sent by Prince Rastaban to look after her and protect her until she is strong enough to successfully overthrow Orlouge. Upon doing so, she eventually ascends the throne of Facinaturu as the new Lord of the Mystics.

Depending on how Asellus is played will determine which of three endings that Asellus will receive. Asellus may choose to obtain either a Full Human ending, a Half-Mystic ending, or a Full Mystic ending. The two things that affect this route are if you utilize and develop Asellus's Mystic abilities, and if you choose to save the taylor's maid, Gina. If you save Gina and not use the Mystic abilities, you will receive the Full Human ending. If you choose to develop the Mystic abilities and save Gina, you will gain the Half-Mystic ending. If you develop and use all Mystic abilities, but not save Gina, you will obtain the Full-Mystic ending. [Source: Wikipedia]

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