Chun-Li Xiang
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Full name Chun-Li Xiang
Series   Streetfighter
D.o.B / Age   March 1, 1968
Height   173cm
B / W / H   86cm / 56cm / 89cm
Weight   She won't tell. ;)
Bloodtype   A
Likes   Crepes, Aerobics
Dislikes   Vega (Or M. Bison)
Affiliated Characters   Cammy White, Ibuki, Rose, Sakura Kasugano
Family   Father, killed by M.Bison
Background Info   Chunli has been secretly tracking the movements of an international crime syndicate known as Shadowlaw. The trail has lead her to the tournament and she now believes that one of the Grand Masters may have been responsible for the death of her father. Chunli's quest for justice guides her life, but at heart she is still a young girl who yearns to live a normal life.

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