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Full name Clare
Series   Claymore
D.o.B / Age   18yr
Height   Not known
B / W / H   Not Known
Weight   Not Known
Bloodtype   Not Known
Likes   Raki, Teresa
Dislikes   Organisation, Priscilla, yoma
Affiliated Characters   Galatea, Teresa
Family   parents killed by yoma, Teresa (surrogate mother)
Background Info   Clare is the main heroine of the series. When she was a child, a yoma made her part of its disguise and its toy, often torturing her. The yoma is killed by Teresa. Empathizing with Teresa's pain, Clare follows her for days without rest, food, or water. Teresa, after at first trying to get rid of Clare, eventually lets her travel with her, and the two became attached. The presence of a caring human in her life helps Teresa regain her lost happiness and humanity. Their life together is cut short when Teresa kills some human bandits to save Clare's life. The organization sends four of their best Claymores to execute Teresa, who is eventually killed by the awakened Priscilla.

Clare vows to take Priscilla's head in revenge, and searches for a member of the organization. Once she discovers one, she demands that the organization fuse her with Teresa's flesh and blood. Clare becomes the only person to volunteer to join the Claymores and the first hybrid with 1/4 Yoma blood instead of the normal 1/2. Because of this low demonic ratio, she has little power and is given rank #47 the lowest.However, Clare shares Teresa's ability of heightened Yoki sensing to the point of being able to predict an opponent's moves. It is unknown whether this is a genetic inheritence or Claire chosing to follow in her mentor's footsteps. At one point, Miria ponders whether this is a deliberately chosen tactic in order to fight Awakened Beings.

Clare partially awakens during her fight in the holy city of Rabona, but is able to revert to her human state with Raki's help. She loses her right arm during an incident involving Ophelia, but later receives a new one from Irene, along with the "Quick Sword" technique. However her "Quick Sword" only has half the speed and power of Irene's. She once again comes close to Awakening during her battle against Dauf, but Galatea manipulates her yoki flow and brings her back. She then uses the same method to save Jeane from losing her mind to awakening.

In the Northern campaign, Clare joins Flora's party. Having grown significantly stronger she fights on the same level as her captain. During the fight against Rigardo, Clare is able to deliberately awaken parts of her body, while remaining mentally human. However, she finds herself unable to turn back after the fight. Jeane sacrifices herself to save Clare. She is the only member of her team to survive the Northern Campaign.

During the next seven years, Clare and six other surviving Claymores, would remain in seclusion causing the Organization to believe they had all perished. During this time, Clare would learn and master Flora's "Windcutter" technique. Clare also learned to combine the speed of the "Quicksword" technique with the power and precision of the "Windcutter" technique to create a new attack called "Flash Windcutter".

Despite the danger of being discovered and hunted by the Organization, Clare has returned to the southern lands to find Priscilla as well as continue her search for Raki. She has currently returned to Rabona and defeated the Awakened Being, Agatha. with help from her comrades. The Organization's current Number Four, Miata, upon witnessing their battle, indicated that Clare and her companions all have great power. Later, during a conversation with Cid and Galk, Clare learns that Raki is still alive and has been searching for her. Relieved that Raki survived, Clare is troubled when it is revealed that he is traveling with a small girl. To facilitate their movements, Miria has assigned Cynthia and Uma to accompany Clare on her search for Raki.

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