Diva Otonashi
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Full name Diva Otonashi
Series   Blood+
D.o.B / Age   1833, 173yr
Height   157cm
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   40kg
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Karl, drinking blood
Dislikes   Saya
Affiliated Characters   Saya Otonashi
Family   Saya (twin sister), two daughters, Riku Miyagusuku (father of her children)
Background Info   Saya's younger twin sister and main antagonist; she's the greatest sworn enemy of the Red Shield. She proves this point with her incredible reflexes and strength since her debut appearance in episode 24 - she casually throws Saya through a brick wall with seeming ease; the speed at which she avoided a blow from Haji while playing with Saya with the broken tip of a sword; breaking down a heavy steel door with a single thrust of her arm; dodging through a rain of bullets; killing several sailors aboard a U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier when she woke up at the very end of episode 19. Not only that - post episode 33, she is able to switch her appearance between the female Diva and the male Riku within the blink of an eye, much like Amshel did with Liza back in Russia.

Confined by the original Joel just after her birth, she spent her first decades of life locked in a tower in the outskirts of his estate. As she was just a guinea pig to Joel she had no name, until she was found by Saya, who named her Diva because of her voice. Diva has been found out to be the one who killed the original Joel in the late 1800's after she was released by Saya in hope that she will sing for Joel at his birthday party. The "Delta 67" substance used in the researches involving Chiroptera is obtained from her body, and the top echelons of the Cinq Fleches Group include some of her faithful Chevaliers. Just like Saya's blood is a threat to her and her minions' existence, her blood can also destroy Saya and her Chevaliers.

Her air-headed demeanor (much like a spoiled, naive heiress) is the fruit of her secluded childhood which results in her making remarks in an innocent, child-like way. In example, she comments on how Riku "was delicious" and later giggled when Solomon's offer for Saya to join their ranks was crudely refused, teasing "Solomon got rejected!" (English version: "Look -- Solomon got a boo-boo!") Also, during their confrontation halfway through the series; Diva was determined to kill Saya by her own hands and was moments from doing so but casually loses interest after Haji comes to Saya's rescue as she tells Solomon, "Let's go. I want to change into a new dress." (English version: "I'm bored now. Could you help me find a new dress, Solomon?")

Diva during the second half of the series, while taking the form of Riku; her true form is a mirror image of Saya, albeit with blue eyes, lighter skin, and longer hair.She drank much of Riku's blood when she first met him, forcing Saya to turn him into a Chevalier to save his life. She later develops a disturbing interest in him and rapes him. After this, she kills him by giving him her blood, causing him to crystallize. She than tells Saya that she understands why Saya kills Chevaliers, and how fun it was. One year after the attack on Red Shield HQ she entered into show business as a singer sponsored by the Cinq Fleches Group, as part of Amshel's master plan. As it turns out, Diva is actually pregnant with Riku's children. Only then was it deduced that the opposing bloods through the Chevaliers could bring about reproduction of the Queens. Haji, as Saya's first Chevalier, could have been the key to this life-long research but Diva never took interest in him. Now she seems to treasure her babies more than her Chevaliers and has expressed a noticeable disinterest in them as of late. She also takes a momentary interest in Kai, and even invited him to become her Chevalier. While it is clear as to why Saya hates her so much, we only learn that Diva's hatred of Saya much later and comes from a strong envious feeling of Saya's privileged life. From the Metropolitan Opera House, a broadcast of Diva's singing triggered the transformation of many people across the world into Chiroptera. However, she is interrupted by Saya, and a fight between the two sisters ended when Diva and Saya pierced each other by swords coated with their respective bloods. Although her blood had no effect on Saya, Saya's blood causes her to crystallize after Nathan has brought her two cocoons to her side, revealing that Diva's blood lost its potency, having been passed on to her children.

Throughout the entire series, Diva is portrayed as a ruthless and sadistic entity willing to sacrifice even her own Chevaliers without so much as blinking. This along with her hostility and envy towards Saya is no doubt a result of the experimentation and isolation forced upon her as a child by Joel. It is at her death when she finally shows a different side of herself as she lovingly tries to reach for her newborn babies.

Diva's Children - As with all Chiropteran queens, Diva produces two babies girls after a fast pregnancy (after she raped Riku), as she and Saya had been. Saya reluctantly planned to kill both babies to keep anyone else from being hurt, but Kai dissuades her, promising that he'll punch anyone who doesn't accept them and show both girls his love. Amshel then tries to steal the babies, but they are protected by Kai and Haji, and in following years Kai raises them as their father, much as George raised him and Riku. A few years later, we see Kai taking the two happy toddlers to Saya's grave and eating lunch with them, showing that his love and kindness has kept the girls from following their mother's path.

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