Eve / Melissa Pearce
Parasite Eve
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Full name Eve / Melissa Pearce
Series   Parasite Eve
D.o.B / Age   32yr (Melissa)
Height   180cm (Melissa)
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   51.8kg
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Killing people, ruling the world using her mitochondrial power
Dislikes   Aya Brea, people who get in the way
Affiliated Characters   Aya Brea
Family   Not known
Background Info   Originally, Eve was Melissa Pearce. Melissa's body is very weak because of a disease, thus she uses medicines to support her life. She is pursuing the role of the main female character in the opera of the Christmas Eve (25th Dec 1997). Her friends said that it was be a miracle if Melissa could even stand on the stage. But apparently, she must compete with another female to win the role. In order to stay in shape to join the opera, she began to consume more and more medicines until she overdosed. The medicine overdosage has given her the power to burn people by controlling their mitochondrial activity, and she also has the ability to transform a normal species into a horrible monster by transforming their mitochondria. The first time she used her power to burn the female competitor. Then, at the day of the opera, she sang a horrible song that made all people in the building got burned, except Aya because she has a self-mitochondrial-control ability (Eve can't control her). Time passed, Melissa can no longer hold her human self and transformed to.... Eve. (Source : Eve's Diary in the game, PE Web Site)


Melissa had never been a very healthy woman. When she was but a girl, she had required a kidney transplant and not realizing from whom she had received her new lease on life. The transplant combined with her physical condition forced her onto a regimen of medicines, but she was eventually able to work on her dream: to be in opera. But her condition still hampered her, and she still suffered from sudden blackouts. Then, when a fire claimed the life of the lead actress for a much-anticipated opera, she (the understudy) suddenly found herself thrust to the forefront. In order to prevent further collapses, she took a megadose of her medication.

And that was when all Hell broke loose. What she didn't know was that her transplanted kidney had come from Aya Brea s late sister&a test subject for mitochondria experiments. At times past, seemingly coincidental events had arisen, but now the combination of conditions and her megadose of medicine would set the stage for a grand awakening&and when Melissa laid eyes on Aya, it happened. In a baptism of fire that bathed almost the entire audience in flame, Melissa became the instrument of the mitochondria s vengeance: Eve.

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