Ys book I & II, Ys Eternal, Ys II Eternal, Ys IV
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Full name Feena
Series   Ys book I & II, Ys Eternal, Ys II Eternal, Ys IV
D.o.B / Age   Unknown (immortal)
Height   170cm
B / W / H   86cm / 65cm / 92cm
Weight   50kg
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Adol, peace, dockside views of large bodies of water
Dislikes   Darm, Dark Fact, Anyone whom threatens the land of Ys
Affiliated Characters   None
Family   Lair (Fellow goddess of Ys)
Background Info   Feena is a young girl that was found in the dungeons of the Shrine of Solomon by a warrior named Adol. Adol freed the young woman, and took her to the residence of Jevah Tovah in Zeptik Village, whereupon Feena claimed that she had lost her memory. Later on it is found out that Feena is one of the two Goddesses of Ys, along with the poet Lair of Minea. Between the two of them, Feena is the quietest and more human-like. She shows more emotions when Adol departs for new adventures.

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