Kaede Makidera
Fate/Stay Night
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Full name Kaede Makidera
Series   Fate/Stay Night
D.o.B / Age   16yr
Height   163cm
B / W / H   72cm / 56cm / 78cm
Weight   49kg
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Sports
Dislikes   Rin
Affiliated Characters   Ayako Mitsuzuri, Bazett Fraga McRemitz, Caren Ortensia, Caster, Himuro Kane, Illyasviel "Ilya" von Einzbern, Luvia Zeritta Edelfelt, Rider, Rin Tosaka, Saber, Sakura Mato, Taiga "Tiger" Fujiwara, Yukika Seagusa
Family   Mr and Mrs Makidera (her parents)
Background Info   Makidera Kaede is a student in the same high school as Rin and also her classmate. She has two close friends: Himuro Kane and Yukika Saegusa. They are known in their school as "The Trio" and are inseparable.

Kaede is the only black girl in the school and she's considered to be very beautiful by many. She likes to flirt and going out on dates. Because she is highly popular among boys, but also loud and obnoxious, Rin dislikes her ans considers her to be an attention seeker. Kaede is a member of the Track Team and is the best sprinter in the school. She is also very fond of martial arts, especially karate. Kaede is very energetic, she likes competition and she tries to lead the members of the trio. She hates failures and losing to others and she doesn't tolerate people who notices her lacknesses; Kaede is not a good student and her marks at school are rather low. She is known as "the Black Leopard".

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