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Full name Karurauatsurei
Series   Utawarerumono
D.o.B / Age   16yrs
Height   Not known
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Sake, fighting
Dislikes   Being told what to do
Affiliated Characters   None
Family   Brother
Background Info   Karura was once princess of Nan-Tunku before the Shakukoporu deposed her and placed a puppet leader at the head of the state. She joins Hakuoro after she is found having slaughtered many soldiers from another country who were holding her prisoner. Despite showing concern for her country (which she conceals), she has forsaken her past as royalty and decided to live her life as Karura, a simple woman, and as a sign of this vow continues to wear a large metal collar around her neck placed there in her captivity. She is one of the last two Giriyaginas on Earth, along with Derihourai, her younger brother. She is often seen drinking sake, even on the battle field (She could drink several barrels of sake in one day). Karura wields a massive black blade (personally designed to not break, not dull and not need resharpening), which is so ridiculously large and heavy that no one else can lift it. She uses it in conjunction with her superhuman strength to deal tremendous damage to her enemies. The name Karura, also known as Garuda and Garua, comes from the Hindu and Buddhist myth of the man-bird deity. Her name is Karula in the English version. Her weapon, can be said to be a powerful limiter on her body. For when she throws it down to fight under her own power, she is blindingly fast. At the end of the series she and Touka become famous wandering mercenaries.

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