Kasane Teto
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Animations Art Art 2      

Full name Kasane Teto
Series   Vocaloid2
D.o.B / Age   Not known
Height   Not known
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Not known
Dislikes   Not known
Affiliated Characters   Megurine Luka, Miku Hatsune, Sonika
Family   None
Background Info   Teto Kasane is a "hypothetical" future release of the Vocaloid character series, following the Kagamine twins. She is conceptualized from 2ch, and is supposedly released by a group called Crvipton. (A lampoon of Crypton, the company behind the Vocaloid character series.) In reality, she is an April Fools joke created by VIPPERs of 2ch, meant to trick Nico-Nico Douga users into thinking she is a Vocaloid from Crypton.

Teto is also linked to an alternative voice synthesis software called UTAU. She has voice data designed for the mentioned software. However, it cannot peer with the original Vocaloid software.

Her character item is a loaf of french bread. Aside from these information, not much is known about Teto, though she has began to appear frequently in nico nico douga videos, and at times, with other vocaloids like Miku. [Source: Danbooru]

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