Kyoka Midarezaki
Kyoran Kazoku Nikki
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Full name Kyoka Midarezaki
Series   Kyoran Kazoku Nikki
D.o.B / Age   Not known
Height   Not known
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Not known
Dislikes   Not known
Affiliated Characters   None
Family   Not known
Background Info   The 'mother' of Midarezaki family. She is twenty years old, however, she has an appearance of a little girl with cat's ear and tail. Her real name is 'Kyoukya Eaeriaea', and she used to be worshiped by the people of an underground kingdom named 'Shangri-la', however, she ran away because she felt something was missing from her life. She is from a race of demons that uses other people's bodies as theirs, and that she used to be their queen before deciding to abandon her people and live as a human who has gorgeous black hair, deep green eyes, and as tall as Oka, however because of the fact that her people secret can't be found out, her memories as a demon were erased. Due to her past of being worshiped, she has a very arrogant and destructive nature, but despite her personality, she actually cares about her family and is trying to do her best as Oka's wife and loves him dearly, getting very jealous when she found out Oka went out with another woman and tries to have a husband and wife relationship (sadly she gets all her ideas from manga and her soaps, leading to embarrassing situations for Ouka). In the end she is last seen heading back to Shangri-la to find out who she was, but leaves many of her mini-dolls there to keep her family company. She has an ability named 'Keitai Denwa (?????, lit. cell phone), which allows her to manipulate a person's mind or to control a set of mini-dolls that help her when necessary (in the fifth episode of the anime, she also uses this ability to communicate telepathically with Yuka). She is also a very bad cook (where in episode 15 after making an anniversary cake there was bullet holes, voodoo dolls and knives into the wall), where her meals frighten everyone (giving an ominous glow to the food or sometimes coming to life) in the family and has a strange habit of naming certain people around her with weird names, stating that they should be proud of a name given to them by a god. Ironically, even though she is the mother of the family, she is also the shortest member as well (except when Gekka is in her jellyfish form). (Wikipedia)

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