Mii the Flower Goddess / Alter Ego: Natsumi
Jungle de Ikou
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Full name Mii the Flower Goddess / Alter Ego: Natsumi
Series   Jungle de Ikou
D.o.B / Age   Eternal / 10yr
Height   Not known
B / W / H   36EE / 87cm / 117cm (All estimated)
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Takuma, having Mii's physique!
Dislikes   Takuma's fixation on Mii's physique!
Affiliated Characters   None
Family   Father, an archeologist; Mother, a nondescript housewife stereotype; others: Ongo, evil demon; Rongo, Water Goddess engaged to Ongo; Ahamu, lecherous God of Soil; Takuma, guy-friend who worships Mii; Nami, girl-friend possessed by Rongo
Background Info   10-year-old Natsumi's father, a daring archeologist, returns from the jungles of Myauginiya with a gift for his daughter: a pair of ancient crystaline earrings. Falling asleep wearing the earrings, Natsumi dreams of a hideous old man named Ahamu, who warns her of the coming of the great demon Ongo. Upon waking, Natsumi finds a necklace of skulls around her neck! At that moment Ongo appears to her, and he's not the terrifying monster Natsumi had anticipated! Eventually, he explains that the skull necklace is the pendant of Mii, the Flower Goddess of Myauginiya, and a magical dance will summon her power and allow Natsumi to take her form! Pretty crazy! Natsumi really likes being in Mii's womanly body, but she's bashful of the attention she gets. All it takes, though, is a supernatural threat to Tokyo, and Natsumi bounds into action, shimmying Mii's very jiggly form up and down! Maranbou, maranbou!!

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