Mint Blancmanche
Galaxy Angel
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Full name Mint Blancmanche
Series   Galaxy Angel
D.o.B / Age   16yr
Height   162cm
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Cosplaying, tea, artificial sweets
Dislikes   Being found out she likes to cosplay
Affiliated Characters   Apricot Sakuraba, Forte Stollen, Kahlua/Tequila Marjoram, Milfeulle Sakuraba, Nano-Nano Pudding, Ranpha Franboise, Vanilla H
Family   Blancmanche family
Background Info   Hailing from the wealthy Blancmanche family, the 16-year-old blue-haired Mint is prim and proper, albeit somewhat snobbish. Her appearance is notable for having a pair of rabbit ears above her human ears, a trait shared by her entire family and the family pet, which moves depending on emotions and can flap rapidly for flight.

Coming from a prominent family, Mint shows a very polite demeanor, often keeping calm and graceful in speech even under demanding situations. She exhibits above-average intelligence, showing apitude in military tactics and coming up with clever ways to solve problems. With superior intellect and the charm of a little girl, she can easily read people's thoughts and convince them to take certain actions. However, her polished appearance periodically cracks, revealing her to be highly arrogant and sadistic. She tends to act towards her own selfish desires and have attempted to harm, kill, or otherwise hinder others to achieve them.

Mint has an obsession for cosplay, especially full-body animal suits or kigurumi. As a hobby, she would put on costumes and lounge around while savoring the feel of the costume. Her costumes have at times served more useful purposes, usually for disguise. She is very quiet with her interest and most people are unaware that she loves costumes this much. She seems to keep this as a secret, hoarding her collection in a vault in her room and once even allowed the other Angels to die before they saw her in costume (they survived). Nevertheless, she has on occasion worn or expressed unusual interest in costumes in front of others without as much as an odd look.

At age 20, Mint is getting more involved in her family business, though she may still be with the military since she still wears her uniform. Her most notable client, Anise Azeat, owes her a large deal of money and was forced into the Angels to pay the debt. (Source: Wikipedia)

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