Black Orchid
Killer Instinct
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Full name Black Orchid
Series   Killer Instinct
D.o.B / Age   24yr
Height   170cm
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   59kg
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Not known
Dislikes   Not known
Affiliated Characters   None
Family   Jago
Background Info   One day, Agent Mikhal of The Organization found a small, crying child on his doorstep. The little girl didn't know who she was or where she was from. He named her Black Orchid because of the flower in her hair at the time. Not really knowing what to do with her, Mikhal began to take care of her.

He tried his best to hide his profession from her, but Orchid eventually found out. From that day on, she strived to become an Agent, to the exclusion of anything else. Eventually, after Mikhal's death, she was accepted into The Orgranization at the age of 16.

Orchid was given the Killer Instinct assignment because of her incredible fighting skills. She tried to handle everything herself at first, but then when she discovered how big the conspiracy way, she enlisted the aid of the other fighters, including Jago and Chief Thunder. Orchid soon lost all patience for the tournament, and challenged Eyedol by herself, although it was Jago who had earned the right. She managed to win, and Eyedol's defeat ripped Ultratech into the past.

While in the past, Orchid discovered Jago was her brother, which lead her to believe that she may have family somewhere in the world. Those hopes were soon crushed, as she realized the truth behind her origin. In an attempt to murder Jago, Fulgore 2 traveled back in time to slaughter his parents before he was born. However, his timing was off, and he murdered the couple after the ninja's birth. Young Orchid accidentally watched this event, and it traumatized her so badly, that she forgot everything about her past, which took her to Mikhal's doorstep.

Ever since then, Orchid has carried an intense hate for the Fulgore cyborgs, as many around her have begun to wonder about her mental stabilities. Orchid also blames herself for not stopping Fulgore 2 when he went back in time to kill her parents.

After Fulgore-X's death in Brazil, Orchid returns to New York, but never discusses what happened with anyone. She takes on a temporary position within Ultratech, while she waits for her request for retirement from the Organization to finally be fulfilled. And when it finally is...Azrael appears, threatening the very existence of the human race! Orchid is forced to become an Agent once more, as the fate of the world seems to rest on her shoulders. Is the burden too much to bear?

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