La Pucelle Tactics
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Full name Prier
Series   La Pucelle Tactics
D.o.B / Age   Not known
Height   Not known
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Her friends, dreaming of being the Maiden of Light, beating up monsters
Dislikes   Alouette
Affiliated Characters   None
Family   Culotte (younger brother)
Background Info   La Pucelle takes place in a kingdom named Paprica. The story centers on a small church called the Church of the Holy Maiden, in the city of Pot a Feu. In addition to the normal roles and duties of a Church, they also have a group of trained Demon Hunters called La Pucelle. Two of La Pucelle's newest members are Prier and her brother Culotte.

It is said that the Dark Prince, favored servant of the fallen angel Calamity, will rise to scourge the land. But legend tells that when the Prince arises, a warrior known as the Maiden of Light will challenge him and restore the balance of Light and Dark. Prier hopes to be the Maiden of Light. Her heart is in the right place, but she has a short and explosive temper. She usually carries a baton, but more often uses her muscular legs in combat (she can knock down a thick lead door in one kick!)

In the optional dungeon, Prier can become a demon Overlord if she becomes strong enough and defeats enough enemies. In Disgaea, Prier (misspelled as 'Priere') reappears as a Demon Overlord and challenges Laharl in an optional dungeon.

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