Rally Vincent
Gun Smith Cats
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Full name Rally Vincent
Series   Gun Smith Cats
D.o.B / Age   October 6, 1976, 19yr
Height   170cm
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   50.8kg
Bloodtype   O+
Likes   Guns, thrills
Dislikes   Pushy men
Affiliated Characters   None
Family   Father
Background Info   Rally Vincent owns the Gunsmith Cats weapon repair store, which features a staggering array of rare and exotic firearms. She is an expert marksman, though business at the store also means she hires out as a bounty hunter with her partner, 17-year-old "Minnie" May Hopkins who has a fascination with all things explosive. (GSC creator Kenichi Sonoda insists it s Larry and it shoes up at points in the anime, but it s likely more a joke on the Japanese lack of an L)

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