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Full name Raven
Series   (Teen) Titans
D.o.B / Age   Not known
Height   Not known
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Not known
Dislikes   Not known
Affiliated Characters   Starfire
Family   Trigon (father, demon), Angela `Arella` Roth (mother)
Background Info   In the Teen Titans animated series, Raven appears much younger (as do all the other characters) than in the comic book variants, though her costume is relatively unchanged. Raven's personality is also more child-like and emotional and slightly more stereotypically gothic. Raven is straightforward, moody, as well as sarcastic. However, she does show signs that she cares for her friends.

Her powers are much the same as in the comics, except for the fact that she has to say "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" to help her focus her powers. She has to meditate often to make sure her powers remain at bay. When she gets excessively emotional, her powers tend to take a form, called her "Soul Self" in the comic books (Her soul self is not recognized by name in the animation, but it is featured.) Her soul-self tends to take the form of demonic under-the-bed sort of creatures, like pitch black four-eyed baby birds or rats, or obviously, a giant raven. Her soul-self can also transform her body's appearance to a variety of demonic forms and sizes. Worst of all, when she can't control her anger, she transforms into a demonic Raven usually with four glowing-red eyes and sprouting black tentacles from under her cloak, also referred to by fans as “Red Raven”. The four eyes seem to symbolize her demon father, Trigon.

Raven often has a complex that her fellow Titans don't like her, probably because she's the daughter of a demon and has a unique and complex lifestyle that her friends don't understand. Her room inside Titans Tower is decorated with things from her past as well as statues and pictures about of the creepy-crawlies her powers like to conjure up. Not surprisingly, she gets mortally offended when anyone steps foot in it.

Several episodes in the series are specifically dedicated to this character, though other characters have also had episodes specific to them. The animated series is not believed to be as focused on Raven as critical to the beginning and ending plot of the series, unlike the comic books. The producers claim the animated series will not end with Raven’s confrontation with her father as the climax of the series, as it was in most of the comic variants.

In the first season, episode 6 “Nevermore”: Raven is angered by a villain named Dr. Light and transforms into Red Raven, grabs the villain with her tentacles and drags him under her cloak, seriously traumatizing the villain. Later Beast Boy and Cyborg find a mirror in her room, which accidentally transports them into her subconscious. Here, they discover that Raven is slightly schizophrenic (each personality represented as wearing a different colored robe, including Green (bold), Gray (shy and apologetic), Pink (ditzy), Orange (uncouth), etc.). When they find the real Raven, she tells them that Red (anger) was let out by accident. When Red Raven (complete with four glowing-red eyes) transforms into a huge hulking beast, questions about what’s going on occur and Raven comments "Let's just say I have issues with my father," a hint in the animated series that the beast is a incarnation of her father, and referring to a background story based off her comic book variant. After the episode, “Red Raven” was let loose briefly during Raven's battle with Terra in a giant mud pit (Season 2, Episode 25 “Aftershock (1)”). After her furious personality was unleashed, she could have easily killed Terra if she had remained calm and restrained herself.

Possibly the most powerhouse episode of all (at present) was "Birthmark" in season 4 where the plot moves on to Slade, and how he has apparently made allegiance with Trigon (or even resurrected by Trigon, though in the comics Slade was immortal). This episode also ties Robin and Raven together, (Not much done before, because the choice was always to band Robin and Starfire) giving the viewers a hint of how they alone will seemingly understand each other because of their dark pasts, and how Robin will be the only one to help in Raven's eternal fight with her father.

Many fans of the comic books question how deeply Raven’s upcoming plot with her father will enter into the demonic, apocalyptic and mortality, mainly because of the show's more child oriented style. Based off brief descriptions of future episodes on the net it may not be expected that Raven’s possession and battles with her father will lead to her inevitable death (or repeated deaths and reincarnations) as in the comic series. In most recent episodes though Raven’s apocalyptic destruction of the earth and battle’s with her father seem inevitable, though the show reveals as few clues as possible, the hints seems horrific enough to sit well with many comic book fans of the series.

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