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Full name Reco
Series   Mushihimesama
D.o.B / Age   15yr
Height   Not known
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Nature, tree sap candy, Aki
Dislikes   Levi-sense
Affiliated Characters   None
Family   Not known
Background Info   Reco is the princess of the Hoshifuri village's royal family. When she was very young, Reco got lost in the Shinju Forest and met a boy, where he gave her a pretty bracelet, which gave her the ability to communicate with the Koujuu (giant insects). But no one dared entered the Shinju Forest because it was dangerous, so everyone was shocked to see Reco come back unharmed. Furthermore, the Koujuu God demands the sacrifice of a 15-year old every 200 years, and the bracelet is the symbol of that sacrifice. Was Reco going to be the next sacrifice?

Then during Reco's 15th birthday, people started to get sick and die from a mysterious illness called the Levi-Sense. Reco recalls that the last time a sacrifice was late, something similar happened. She travels with her golden Koujuu named Kiniro and desires to meet the Koujuu God, not only to help her people, but to also meet that mysterious boy again.

After a fierce journey through the forest and battling various Koujuu, Reco finally met Aki, but she had to fight him. After Reco wins, Aki slowly dies, but tells her the truth. When Reco had wandered into the forest during her youth, she had already been poisoned by the Levi-Sense. Aki gave her the bracelet to stop the effects, allowing her to be the only human not affected by the poison. After Aki's death, Reco must continue on to meet the Koujuu God, knowing Aki would protect her.

In Mushihimesama Futari, Reco teams up with Aki's younger brother Palm, and the enemy this time is Queen Larsa. Larsa became furious at Reco for killing her beloved son Aki and seeks revenge, while she views the younger son Palm as nothing more than another disposable son of many.

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