Lady Reina the Royal Knight
Queen's Blade
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Full name Lady Reina the Royal Knight
Series   Queen's Blade
D.o.B / Age   20yr
Height   170cm
B / W / H   88cm / 60cm / 85cm
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Sword practicing, combat training, Elina
Dislikes   Injustice
Affiliated Characters   Lady Elinor the Leader of Household Troops
Family   Father, Mother, Elina (younger sister)
Background Info   Every fourth year, the queen in the country is decided in a fighting competition called "The Queen's Blade". The most powerful female fighter will become the ruler of the realm and gain the supreme power. Any female above the age of 12 with fighting skills and enough strenght to handle a weapon can join "The Queen's Blade" and fight for splendor and glory.

Reina, just like her younger sister by three years Elinor, comes from very old and aristorcatic family. She is the eldest daughter of the richest Count in the country and a member of the Royal Guard.

Reina spent her entire life at The Court. She soon got bored with the routine and decided to use her excellent fighting skills for a good cause. She became the travelling knight protecting the weak and her home land from every evil. Nobody knows who she is, but her gererous nature, tender heart and sense of justice made her a true hero among her kin.

Reina will help anyone despite the danger. She is not afraid to face monsters born from magic, explore ancient ruins, and she will gladly cross her sword with thieves and murderes.Serving her country is Reina's biggest responsibility and pride.

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