Roll / Roll Casket
Megaman (Rockman) / Megaman Legends (Rockman Dash)
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Full name Roll / Roll Casket
Series   Megaman (Rockman) / Megaman Legends (Rockman Dash)
D.o.B / Age   11yr (first appearance), 18yr (current) / 14yr (first appeance), 15yr (current)
Height   4ft (11yr), 5'6 (18yr)
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   NA / Not known
Likes   Birds, flowers and cats / Birds, flowers and cats, fixing stuff.
Dislikes   Dr. Wily / The Bonnes (pirate villains in this series), people who don't respect her privacy.(No Dr. Wily in this world, tho there is a similar looking boat-rental man who's called Wily, but he is a nice fellow)
Affiliated Characters   None
Family   Mega Man(aka Rock), Proto Man(aka Blues)(both brothers), Dr. Light (Father).(FireMan has never been really called a brother, more often seen as a "cousin" or "friend"; same goes with IceMan, CutMan, GutsMan, BombMan, and ElecMan; they are of a different type made by Dr. Light, like the rest. But only Rock and clues have ever been truly called siblings) / Mega Man Volnutt(later revealed to be known as MM Trigger, and is actually not related; friend/partner, potential lover), Barrel Casket(gramps), Data (robot monkey, also not related), Matilda Casket (mother), "Joe" Casket (goes by Joe, since he has amnesia). (MML/RMD) Mother and Father (missing), Barrel (Grandfather)
Background Info   She helps Dr.Light in the lab, cleans everything, and has real feelings. She is also DL003, made after Blues and Rock, respectively.

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