Sakura Shinguuji
Sakura Taisen
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Full name Sakura Shinguuji
Series   Sakura Taisen
D.o.B / Age   28 July, 17yr
Height   155cm
B / W / H   82cm / 56cm / 81cm
Weight   44kg
Bloodtype   A
Likes   Roses
Dislikes   Thunder
Affiliated Characters   None
Family   Kazuma Shinguuji (father, deceased), mother, grandmother
Background Info   Sakura is the newest member of the Hanagumi. Daughter of Colonel Kazuma Shinguuji, a member of the Imperial Army anti-Demon Unit (teikoku rikugun taikouma butai), who was seriously wounded at the closing of the Demon War (1915-1918) and died 3 months later. Sakura is the last descendent of the exorcismal bloodline of the Shinguuji family, itself one of the shadowy "urago sanke" (the Three Royal Insider Families) which worked behind the scene to ensure the survival and continuation of Imperial Japan (Sakura is in fact the last surviving descendent of the urago sanke). Besides inheriting the exorcismal ability from her father, Sakura is also a master of the art of hokushin ittouryuu (a style of swordsmanship, meaning literally the "North Star sword style"). The sword she carries and uses is an enchanted sword named Arataka (Wild Falcon), a heirloom of the Shinguuji family she inherited from her father. It's in Sakura's blood to be drawn towards where demons and devils lurk, and thus it's also her destiny to fight them. Despite her unusual heritage and abilities, Sakura sees herself as an ordinary 17-year old girl. And she's working very hard to improve herself in the Hanagumi (especially concerning her acting skills ^_^;) [Source:]

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