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Full name Shampoo
Series   Ranma ½
D.o.B / Age   5 July, 16yr
Height   Not known
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Ranma
Dislikes   His other fiancees
Affiliated Characters   None
Family   Cologne (grandmother), Lin-Lin (niece), Lan-Lan (niece)
Background Info   Shampoo is a Chinese Amazon who lived in the village of Joketsuzoku, near the cursed pools of Jusenkyo. There was a martial arts contest in progress (which she was winning), but then Ranma (who was a girl at the time) rudely ate up the banquet that was first prize, so Shampoo challenged the stranger. She lost, so she responded by giving the girl a Kiss of Death: a promise to pursue and kill Ranma no matter where she went.

Shampoo kept her word and followed the Saotomes to Japan. This is where she first sees the male Ranma&and Akane Tendou, who she eventually attacks, but then Ranma intervenes and defeats her again. Shampoo then falls instantly in love with him. It turns out that there are TWO quaint customs of her tribe concerning outsiders. If a GIRL beats you, you kill her, but if a GUY beats you, you marry him!

Things get even more complicated when Ranma tells her that he was cursed by the pools of Jusenkyo but lies that his real form is that of the girl who beat her the first time. Confused, Shampoo returns to China to retrain. In the process, her grandmother, Cologne, knocks her into one of the Jusenkyo pools (Maoniichuan) and turns her into a cat. This makes her relationship with Ranma rather strained because Ranma freaks when he sees a cat.

For the time being, Shampoo continues her pursuit of Ranma while helping Cologne run their business, the Cat Café (Nekohanten). She frequently makes deliveries by bicycle: taking the same wall-top routes Ranma usually takes on foot. She has few scruples and is known to try all sorts of thing to win Ranma s heart. She also frequently tweaks the nose of her restaurant AND romance rival, Ukyou Kuonji.

Her one thorn in her side is Mousse, a near-sighted but fiercely loyal young man who wants Shampoo himself. The feeling between them is NOT mutual. [Description contributed by Who Wants To Know?]

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