Shion Uzuki
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Full name Shion Uzuki
Series   Xenosaga
D.o.B / Age   21yr
Height   163cm
B / W / H   unknown
Weight   48kg
Bloodtype   unknown
Likes   Curry
Dislikes   Thunderstorms
Affiliated Characters   KOS-MOS
Family   Older brother Jin, both parents deceased
Background Info   Chief of Vector First R&D Division, and head of the KOS-MOS project. Shion took over the development of the KOS-MOS project after Kevin Winnicot, her former boss and fiance, after his death. Shion was always a very kind child and she cannot stand to see the ones she cares about being harmed. Because of this she sometimes forget that KOS-MOS is developed as a weapon and she struggles with the morality and acceptance of that fact.

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