Violonist of Hamelen
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Full name Sizer
Series   Violonist of Hamelen
D.o.B / Age   18 years, born April 13th
Height   174cm
B / W / H   She isn't telling. (And I'm not asking. ^_^;)
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Angel Type B+, Human Type A
Likes   Sunsets, clear skies, rivers of blood
Dislikes   Weaklings, Drum, Vocal
Affiliated Characters   None
Family   Daemon King Lord Kestra (Father), Pandora (Mother), Hameln (Brother)
Background Info   Sizer's father is the Daemon King Lord Kestra of Hameln, her mother is the angel/human Pandora of Sforzendo. Sizer has a (non-identical) twin brother, his name is Hamel, and he is the blonde fellow who carries a big violin and hangs around with the enormously cute red-head Princess Flute of Sforzendo, and the green-clad warrior Raiel. Raiel carries around a miniature grand piano that he uses to cast spells, and he has stupendously excellent taste in girlfriends, as his girlfriend is eventually the beautiful "Scarlet Witch of Hameln" Sizer herself!

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