Tiffany Lords "Sexy Cheerleader"
Rival Schools
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Full name Tiffany Lords "Sexy Cheerleader"
Series   Rival Schools
D.o.B / Age   23rd December
Height   164cm
B / W / H   93cm / 56cm / 86cm
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   B
Likes   Love, Fashion, Going to the disco every weekend, Her family, Roy Bromwell
Dislikes   Nattou (fermented soybeans)
Affiliated Characters   Sakura Kasugano
Family   Not known
Background Info   She's proud that everyone recognizes her beautiful face. A cheerful and bubbly (bubble headed) "American funky girl". Her present interests are fashion and love, and she doesn't miss the chance to go to the disco on weekends. Because she plays around in a haze, she doesn't have thoughts of the future in her head at all. On a more positive side, she has a cute side that misses her parents in America, who never miss the chance to send her presents or call her on the phone. Before they were sent overseas, Roy and Tiffany went to the same school; since then they've been deeply in love with each other. She now remembers something bothering the usually uneasily turned around Roy. Tiffany joined in with Roy in the order his father gave him to investigate Justice Gakuen, in hopes that he'll turn around a little. She is in love with Roy ever since she came to Japan (her love has gone unanswered as of yet) Lives alone in the Pacific High dorms (Because she has a lot of money, it's a single, plush room complete with air conditioning, a heating system, and meals)

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