GSM-01R "Tiger"
Saber Marionettes
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Full name GSM-01R "Tiger"
Series   Saber Marionettes
D.o.B / Age   Not known
Height   165cm
B / W / H   98cm / 63cm / 90cm
Weight   55kg
Bloodtype   None
Likes   Faust
Dislikes   Anyone/thing keeping her from her love and devotion to Faust
Affiliated Characters   Bloodberry, Cherry, Lime, Lorelei, Luchs
Family   Since she's not alive, she has none. The other marionettes might be considered her sisters.
Background Info   Tiger was the first Saber Doll to be created. She has been taking care of Faust since he was a kid. Although he treats the Dolls harshly, they all love him and are loyal to him, doing anything he orders them, and Tiger seems to be the one that loves him best. Tiger is also very fast, and uses electric whips in combat. As many people says, she is the equivalent to Lime (at least in the speed issue).

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