Valvalis (Barbariccia)
Final Fantasy 4
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Full name Valvalis (Barbariccia)
Series   Final Fantasy 4
D.o.B / Age   Unknown
Height   Unknown
B / W / H   Unknown
Weight   Unknown
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Wind, Golbez, Zemus
Dislikes   Good, Kain, betrayal, weakness
Affiliated Characters   Rosa Farrell, Rydia of the Mist
Family   Unknown
Background Info   [Spoiler alert!] One of the Four Elemental Fiends, Valvalis serves as the Fiend of Wind for Golbez. She has three minions that serve under her known as the Magus sisters, composed of Mindy, Sandy, and Cindy. After Cecil defeats the Magus sisters and rescues Rosa, Valvalis attacks the party. Before the battle, Valvalis mocks and jeers at Kain for shifting his allegiances from her side to Cecil's.

During the battle, she forms a tornado around her body that no weapon can penetrate, leaving a Jump attack by Kain as the only way to knock her out of the tornado. Once defeated, Valvalis attempts to stop Cecil and his party by destroying the dungeon where they fought, the Tower of Zot. The party narrowly escapes Valvalis' last-ditch effort at killing them thanks to Rosa's teleportation magic. Later, Zemus revives Valvalis to fight alongside the other three Elemental Fiends against Cecil's party inside the Giant of Bab-il. Her defeat in this battle marked the last appearance of Valvalis in the game.

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