Yuko Ahso
Valis the Fantasm Soldier
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Full name Yuko Ahso
Series   Valis the Fantasm Soldier
D.o.B / Age   March 3rd
Height   158cm
B / W / H   82cm / 61cm / 85cm
Weight   46kg
Bloodtype   O
Likes   Not known
Dislikes   Fighting her friend Reiko
Affiliated Characters   None
Family   Queen Valia (mother), Valna (twin sister)
Background Info   Yuko Ahso, who up until recently, was a student living a normal life, is the heroine of our story. One day, not long ago, she discovered that her destiny was to become a warrior in the land called "Dreamland."

Queen Valia, the Ruler of Dreamland, summoned Yuko from the Human world, to save her Kingdom from the Dark King Rogles. Valia told Yuko of her destiny to become the warrior of Valis and bearer of the Valis sword. Yuko assumed her role as the Valis warrior, and managed to defeat the plans of King Rogles and restore peace to Dreamland.

However, this peace didn't last long, and Yuko was soon commanded to return to Dreamland, where she was to fight as the Valis warrior, once again. This time, Dark King Meglas had invaded Dreamland. But, as the Valis warrior, Yuko was once again able to defeat his plans and thwart the invasion.

After the final battle with Megas, Queen Valia passed away. After reading her will, Yuko discovered the truth about her past. Queen Valia had never told her that Yuko was one of her twin daughters. Princess Valna, Valia's heir to the throne of Dreamland, was really her sister. Yuko was so moved by the knowledge of her true identity, and the loss of her mother, that she vowed to restore peace to Dreamland, forever. (Source: Valis 3 game manual)

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