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Find the Dragon...

The little purple dragon that appears here and there on the CG Shrines is the logo/mascot of this site - his history is longer that appearances on this site, but it seems that he's quite happy to lair here, surrounded by scores of women (Can't blame him, can you?)

His presence did not go unnoticed by artists either, and you can admire their work here - I am very happy with these - while I always enjoy the artwork send, this is the sort of thing that makes my day. :)

You are the best! - Ren79
You are the best! This was the very first image I received that contained the LPD (Little Purple Dragon). It was drawn by Renato Cardenas, last year, and can be found in the Cheshire Art 2 page as well.
Quite the comfortable spot.. - Karl
Resting comfortably... Karl, the man behind half a dozen original catgirls, a severly underdressed fairygirl and of course numerous Lum images (5 lingerie series to date), provided the LPD with a very comfortable spot to rest. Well-padded and soft, one might say..
Logodragon - Chick
From Chick comes this crayon/pencil version of the LPD. The artist didn't say much about it in the way of comment, so you'll have to settle for my noisemaking instead...
DragonKitty - Karen Christie
Karen shows that it's just cool to be a dragon. Even catgirls have it as choice - as shown by Kiecha wearing as dragon-lookalike-outfit.
Kiecha and Dragon - Karen Christie
A sketch showing the catgirl in what I assume to be her favorite t-shirt. I bet it's the dragon's favorite shirt, though. Vain little creatures they are.. :)
Kiecha and Dragon 2 - Karen Christie
Karen's been a busy girl, and floods me with new artwork - Another Kiecha with the dragon. It's a tough job, defending maidens, but someone's gotta do it. Or something...
Kiecha and Dragon 3 - Karen Christie
Dragon-affection starts at an early age, as show in this picture. A young Kiecha drags her plush stuffed dragon around.
Cheshire and Dragon - SilverHerald
Once again demonstrating that the world is best when seen from above, Cheshire has added a dragon-shaped stola to her collection of clothing. (Which wasn't that large to begin with. ;)
A Day at the Beach - Karen Christie
Seeing as everyone goes to the beach this summer, Kiecha and LPD are no different, according to Karen.
Does it get any better? - Ren79
From the artist who gave me the idea for this page, a second entry, aptly named 'Does it get any better?' - click and find out. :)