Princess Angela of Altena
Seiken Densetsu / Secret of Mana 3
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Full name Princess Angela of Altena
Series   Seiken Densetsu / Secret of Mana 3
D.o.B / Age   19yr
Height   Not known
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Riesz, magic
Dislikes   Koren, loneliness
Affiliated Characters   Riesz
Family   Queen of Reason Valda (mother), father (deceased)
Background Info   Angela is the only princess of the ice-covered Magic Kingdom of Altena. Her mother, Valda, the Queen of Reason, uses her magic to keep the Altenan citadel in a perpetual spring. However, like her country, Valda is cold and unfeeling towards her daughter, who has become lonely and selfish as a result of her upbringing. The Queen's spell weakens as Mana starts to fade. So that her spell may continue and Altena does not freeze over, she, with her assistant wizard Koren, decides to invade other nations to claim their Mana Stones. Once done, she would sacrifice her daughter to the ancient spell which would unlock the power of Mana kept in the Stones, opening the way to the infinite power in the Sword of Mana, letting the spell continue. After Angela is told this, she flees Altena. Because Angela has never been trained in magic, she cannot use the mana well and has little experience when casting spells. Her mother has constantly ridiculed her because of this in the eyes of others and Angela developped a low self-esteem. After running away from the castle (by jumping out of the closed window in her bedroom), Angela didn't know what to do. In a village she met a Fortune teller who advised her to go to Holy City Wendel and talk to Priest of Light. Angela decided to go there.

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