Princess Riesz of Rolante
Seiken Densetsu / Secret of Mana 3
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Full name Princess Riesz of Rolante
Series   Seiken Densetsu / Secret of Mana 3
D.o.B / Age   17yr
Height   Not known
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Angela, wind, her kingdom
Dislikes   Treachery, Kingdom of Navarre
Affiliated Characters   Angela
Family   Mother (deceased), Joster (father, deceased), Elliott (younger brother)
Background Info   Reisz (known to English players as Lise) is the eldest daughter of the King Joster the Good of Rolante. Her official royal title is The Amazon Princess Reisz of the Wind Kingdom of Rolante. Reisz is not a typical princess, she is an acomplished fighter and is the captain of the Royal Amazon guard. Taking her father's place, Reisz commands the entire Rolante army in their endless wars with neighbouring realm of Navarre. After her mother died while giving birth to her younger brother, Elliott, Riesz vowed to take care of him. However, two mysterious ninjas from Navarre, Bill and Ben, discreetly tricked Elliott into turning off Rolante's protective wind and kidnap him. With the wind gone, Navarre attacks Rolante with a cloud of sleep powder and kills its king, Joster. Devastated, Riesz makes her escape and swears to find her brother and reclaim her kingdom.

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