Arche Klein
Tales of Phantasia
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Full name Arche Klein
Series   Tales of Phantasia
D.o.B / Age   17yr
Height   157cm
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   39kg
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Klarth F. Lester
Dislikes   Dhaos
Affiliated Characters   Mint Adenade
Family   Father (human), Mother (elf)
Background Info   Arche Klein is one of the maincharacters in Tales of Phantasia, the first game in the Tales series. Arche is a seventeen year-old half-elf magic-user.When Cress, Mint and Klarth originally met Arche, her body was being used by Rhea Scarlet, a victim of the destruction of a town by Demitel, a possessed minion of Dhaos. After Demitel was defeated, Arche returned to normal and decided to help fight alongside Cress and the others to defeat Dhaos. Because she is a half-elf, she was forbidden from ever entering the Elf Town hidden within the Ymir Forest.

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