Mint Adenade
Tales of Phantasia
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Full name Mint Adenade
Series   Tales of Phantasia
D.o.B / Age   18yr
Height   162cm
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   42kg
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Mana, Mana tree, Healing, Cress Albane
Dislikes   Dhaos
Affiliated Characters   Arche Klein
Family   Meryl Adenade (mother)
Background Info   Mint Adenade is one of the main characters in Tales of Phantasia, the first game in the Tales series. Mint is 18 years old and like Arche, is a magic user. But her magic is healing magic, known as ‘’mana’’. Mint was found by Cress locked in a cell by Mars. After the two of them escaped, they discover that their parents took part in sealing away Dhaos, an evil warlord. Upon his confrontation with Dhaos, Trinicus D. Morrison sent her and Cress one hundred years into the past, where they hoped to find the power to defeat Dhaos in the present.

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