Britanny `Cheetah` Elin Diggers
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Full name Britanny `Cheetah` Elin Diggers
Series   Golddigger
D.o.B / Age   21yr
Height   165cm (human), 213cm (hybrid), 142cm at shoulders (cheetah) and 259cm long (includes tail)
B / W / H   74cm / 61cm / 71cm (Human), 145cm / 76cm / 124cm (Hybrid)
Weight   54kg (human), 140kg (hybrid), 163kg (cheetah)
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Tuna
Dislikes   Running out of tuna
Affiliated Characters   None
Family   Gina Diggers (sister by adoption), Theodore Diggers (Father by adoption), Brianna (sister)
Background Info   Britanny was orphaned in the final battle between her clan of were-cheetahs and a clan of were-wolves in Scotland when she was an infant. She was found by the arch-magician Dr. Theodore Diggers when he was investigating some of the human deaths caused by battles between the two were-clans near populated villages. Dr. Diggers tried to find her relatives, but found evidence of the entire were-cheetah clan's total destruction instead. Using magic, he disguised himself as a were-wolf and infiltrated the were-wolf clan to learn the location of any were-cheetahs from them. There he discovered that the were-cheetahs were lured from their home in the Serengeti of Africa with the promise of establishing a lasting peace between them and their arch-enemies, the were-wolves, only to be trapped and slaughtered in a final bloody war. By the time Dr. Diggers's investigation was completed, he and Britanny had grown to love each other as father and daughter. He soon adopted Britanny and raised her in America along with his own infant daughter, Gina Diggers. Gina and Britanny grew up together and are now inseperable.

Personality traits: Britanny is extremely proud of her beauty and physique. When she isn't tagging along with Gina on one of her adventures, she's shopping for the best outfits in which to show off her body, exercising to maintain her figure, or shampooing, conditioning, and brushing her fur coat to keep it soft and bright. Britanny has a very confident and radiant personality, but her mood sours quickly if she encounters something emmiting "hostile vibrations." She's very protective of her older sister, Gina, and tends to berate her when she neglects her appearance or loses control of her libido (which happens quite often). Her favorite hobby is long distance running (320 miles a day).

Abilities: Britanny can lift five tons and sprint at 750 mph for about six seconds, though she must rest for three hours afterwards. She has a cruise speed of about 260 mph, which she can maintain for about two hours. Finally, Britanny can punch and kick with enough speed to make the blow invisible to the naked eye, create a miniature sonic boom, or slam holes through four feet of solid stone. Britanny is a magical humanoid, as are all other were-folk, and can only be seriously injured or killed by magical attacks, silver weapons, or the teeth and claws of another were-person. (The damage from normal weapons heals too quickly.) Unlike other were-folk, she cannot inflict lycanthropy on those she injures in combat, as Dr. Diggers magically removed that ability after he adopted her.

Weaknesses: All were-folk have the ability to change forms at will, but Britanny never had the opportunity to learn to do it as well as she should and can only change forms every twenty-four hours. This is because she doesn't know how to manipulate enough magical energy to change at will, and that's how long it takes for enough ambient energy to be stored within her for the change. She can change whenever she wants, day or night, during preceding, or following a full moon. Britanny dislikes using her human form because she has no special abilities while she uses it. She also shies away from using her cheetah form because she has a difficult time opening doors and picking up telephones with her paws. She's been married to Stripe, as of episode #40 of the comic. [Source: Gold Digger (unlimited series) #10 by Fred Perry]

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