Claudia LaSalle (Claudia Grant)
Macross (Robotech)
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Full name Claudia LaSalle (Claudia Grant)
Series   Macross (Robotech)
D.o.B / Age   1983, 21yr
Height   182cm
B / W / H   90cm / 58cm / 90cm
Weight   45kg
Bloodtype   O
Likes   Not known
Dislikes   Umbrella Corp.
Affiliated Characters   Misa Hayase
Family   None
Background Info   The Navigator and Chief Weapons Officer aboard the SDF-1, Claudia is in charge of coordinating information about the various systems throughout the battlefortress. Claudia is a close friend and confidant of Lisa Hayes and acts as a big sister to the three other bridge operators: Kim, Sammie and Vanessa. Claudia also shares a romance with her fiancée Roy Fokker. After his untimely death, Claudia remains a strong and resolute presence aboard the SDF-1 Bridge. [ Source ]

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