Misa Hayase (Lisa Hayes)
Macross (Robotech)
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Full name Misa Hayase (Lisa Hayes)
Series   Macross (Robotech)
D.o.B / Age   1990 March 3rd (14:00), 19yr
Height   168cm
B / W / H   83cm / 57cm / 86cm
Weight   45kg
Bloodtype   AB
Likes   Her job
Dislikes   Not known
Affiliated Characters   Claudia LaSalle
Family   None
Background Info   Misa, at the beginning of the Macross Saga comes from a much troubled past. She lost her mother while she was still fairly young. While still in the UNS officer school her first love and fiancée, Riber Frurink, passed away; she was attending the acedemy in hopes of joining him in space when she graduated. After this tragedy, Misa threw herself into doing the only thing left for her, her duty to UN Spacy, losing herself in the work. During this time she grew close to only those around her, Claudia and the younger 'bridge bunnies'.

By 2009, she had earned a position on the bridge crew of the Macross as flight operations officer. In the initial Zentradi attack during the launching ceremony of the ship she sent a brash young pilot, Ichijyo Hikaru, into combat. Shortly there after Ichijyo joined the armed forces, with Misa often scolding the young pilot on a professional level. Over the course of several misadventures Misa and Hikaru form a uneasy friendship, one that over the next few years would blossom into more. Unfortunatly for this couple Hikaru still holds feelings for Minmay and Misa has trouble expressing her feelings for Hikaru.

Thoughout this cat and mouse game for the love of Hikaru, Misa almost always keeping her head about her. It's only towards the end, her personal strength nearly stretched to the limit, when she almost leaves the UNS to get away from Hikaru. She stays in only because she would be placed in charge of a long range colony mission which would take her away from the conflict. During the last few episodes, each of the main characters confront their emotions and each other.

By Macross 2012: Flashback Misa and Hikaru are married. Misa in command of the Megaroad, the first long range colony mission. [ Source ]

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