Estellise "Estelle" Sidos Heurassein
Tales of Vesperia
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Full name Estellise "Estelle" Sidos Heurassein
Series   Tales of Vesperia
D.o.B / Age   18yr
Height   165cm
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Healing others, reading books
Dislikes   Ignoring others in need, Repede ignoring her, leaving questions unanswered, injustice
Affiliated Characters   Judith, Rita Mordio
Family   Not known
Background Info   Princess Estellise is a noble in Zaphias when she first encounters Yuri Lowell breaking out of the castle's prison. She begs him to help her find his friend Flynn Scifo so she can deliver an important message to him. Along the way, Yuri gives her the name 'Estelle', and she since asks everyone to address her as such. Estelle is a valuable source of information due to how much she read books while confined in the castle. She can also fight with swords and rods thanks to her training with the knight Drake. Unlike the abusive nobles in Zaphias, Estelle is a polite and kind noble who is at first ignorant of the world around her, but insists on traveling to help those who are suffering at the hands of the Empire and the Guilds. In addition, Estelle is compelled to discover the truth after encountering the Entelexia Phaeroh, who cryptically calls her 'an insipid poison'. She is encouraged by another Entelexia, Belius, who says her kindness is her true power.

Estelle has the power to heal wounds without the use of a bohdi blastia, which is very unusual in Terca Lumireis, given that all magic and skills are contained within bohdi blastia. It's later learned that she is an exceptionally-gifted descendant of the 'Children of the Full Moon', a race of humans gifted with this ability long ago. Her existence causes great danger to the planet, as Phaeroh warned. This is made worse when Commandant Alexei kidnaps and deliberately uses Estelle's power for his own ends, even knowing how much her powers will endanger the world. Several other characters insist on killing her, but Yuri and the others refuse to kill their friend and rescue her. Estelle rejoins her friends and works with them to defeat the catastrophe called 'Adephagos', which Alexei inadvertently unleashed upon the world using Estelle's power.

Estelle is very friendly to the others in Brave Vesperia, especially to Yuri. She has faith in Karol's ability to lead the up-and-coming guild, and while hesitant about Raven's appearance at first, he becomes a good friend to her as well. Judith first encounters Estelle in Heliord, mistaking her for a mechanical blastia that needed to be destroyed. Judith comes to terms with killing Estelle for the greater benefit, deciding to help her handle the real threat at hand. It takes Estelle longer to befriend Rita, since Rita is more interested in researching her powers than making friends with her. Over time, Rita's concern for Estelle's safety overshadows her desire to research. The most unusual relationship is between Estelle and Repede, Yuri's canine companion. For an unknown reason, Repede gives her the cold shoulder and refuses to be petted. He even boredly yawns when she wants him to bark in victory. After rescuing Estelle, Repede will eventually bark in victory for her, possibly indicating that he's warmed up to her.

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