Rita Mordio
Tales of Vesperia
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Full name Rita Mordio
Series   Tales of Vesperia
D.o.B / Age   15yr
Height   150cm
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Blastia, researching, cats
Dislikes   nonsense, people abusing blastia, being interrupted during her research, the 'Dragon Freak'
Affiliated Characters   Estellise Sidos Heurassein, Judith
Family   Not known
Background Info   Rita Mordio is a short-tempered, no-nonsense blastia researcher who lives in the cavernous city Aspio, and has been treated as a weirdo by the other researchers. She has no family and friends, so her social disposition is terrible. She is so obsessed with blastia that she names them, and later admits that she treated blastia like her siblings, leading to her odd behavior. Her attitude changes when she joins the party, especially with Estelle after discovering her abilities as a Child of the Full Moon. Rita becomes especially protective of Estelle's well-being when she is finding Phaeroah and again when Alexei kidnaps her.

Rita's relationships with the other party members is a mixed bag. Karol and Raven are considered to be her punching bags due to their idiotic behavior ticking her off. Yuri also annoys her with his flippant attitude, but not enough that she would want to smack him on the head. Rita is also a surprisingly rare exception to Repede, as he seems to warm up to her shortly after meeting, in contrast to him always ignoring Estelle's affections. Ironically, it takes a long time for Rita to even call him by name rather than 'the pooch' or 'Spot'.

The most in-depth relationship Rita has is with Judith. During the first chapter, a mysterious armored person riding a dragon would silently go around destroying blastia, which infuriated Rita to no end. She started to call this person 'Dragon Freak' and swore she would beat that person up. The 'freak' would disappear for a long while, since Judith kept it a secret from everyone except Yuri for some time while in the party. Judith then revealed to Rita that she was the hated 'freak' by destroying a blastia in front of her before taking off on her dragon. The party tracks Judith down, and Rita learns about certain types of blastia that can harm the planet, and she was trying to destroy them to save the world. Rita understands Judith's plight and offers to help shut down these blastia rather than destroy them.

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