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Full name Felicia
Series   Darkstalkers
D.o.B / Age   1967
Height   168cm
B / W / H   88cm / 61cm / 87cm
Weight   58kg (catwere), 4.1kg (cat)
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Singing, Performing, Cats
Dislikes   Nasty people
Affiliated Characters   Bulleta, Lei-Lei, Lilith, Morrigan, Q-Bee
Family   No details known, except that she can call help from the other neko-jin, that she grew up with with in an orphanage she once lived in run by kind nuns.
Background Info   Felicia's dreams of becoming a musical star has finally come true. She is satisfied with her new life where she is able to sing, dance, and spend time in front of an affectionate audience. However, she is still unable to forget all the lonely people in the world since she used to be just like them. "How can we all be happy?" One day, her nine souls were summoned to the Devil dimension by some powerful being's force. Felicia is totally disoriented at first but then realizes what she must do. She remembers what her mother had told her about selecting the way to happiness on her own. [ Background Source ]

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