Jane Maxwell
Wild Arms
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Full name Jane Maxwell
Series   Wild Arms
D.o.B / Age   14yr
Height   152cm
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Ruby, treasure
Dislikes   Indecisiveness
Affiliated Characters   Anastasia Rune Valeria, Beatrice, Cecilia Lynne Adlehyde, Lilka Eleniak, Marivel Armitage, Raquel Applegate, Rebecca Streisand, Virginia Maxwell
Family   Father
Background Info   Also known as ‘Calamity Jane’, based off of Martha Jane Cannary Burke, the real Calamity Jane.

Jane starts off as a bit of a rival for the party as she seeks out famous treasures throughout Filgaia. Her apparent selfish, greedy nature is actually a front, as she seeks out fortune in order to pay the expenses met by her family orphanage in Court Seim, where she's considered a local hero. She is always in the company of Magdalen Harts, her 'butler', who has sworn to protect her.

Eventually she becomes more formally affiliated a group and develops a rivalry with Cecilia over her romantic feelings for Rudy Roughknight.

In Alter Code F, Jane joins the party throughout the game several times. If the player performs an optional quest, she will permanently join the party near the end of the game. The player needs to have the Guardians Zephyr, Justine, and Raftina in their possession before she will join. She can be found in her room in Court Seim.

Although Jane isn't in Wild Arms 3, her spirit is in full force in the form of Virginia's self proclaimed rival - Maya Schröedinger - who acts very much in the same manner and even bears a striking physical similarity. In this case, Maya can copy the appearance and abilities of any fictional character she reads about, and her favourite character happens to be Calamity Jane. (Source: Wiki)

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