Marivel Armitage
Wild Arms
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Full name Marivel Armitage
Series   Wild Arms
D.o.B / Age   Not known
Height   145cm
B / W / H   Not known
Weight   Not known
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   Tinkering with technology, singing, Anastasia
Dislikes   Making friends, loneliness
Affiliated Characters   Anastasia Rune Valeria, Beatrice, Cecilia Lynne Adlehyde, Jane Maxwell, Lilka Eleniak, Raquel Applegate, Rebecca Streisand, Virginia Maxwell
Family   None alive
Background Info   Marivel (originally Mariabelle in the Japanese version) is a near-immortal Crimson Noble, a type of vampire. One thousand years ago, she was friends with Anastasia Valeria, the Sword Magess, and helped her defeat the demon, Lord Blazer. Oddly, it was during this encounter that she first met Ashley Winchester in a dimensional rift, an encounter that left enough of an impression on her that she sought him out 1000 years later.

Marivel aids ARMS at numerous points, giving information about the nature of the monsters in the world, repairing Kanon's cybernetics, and the like. Marivel is also a technological genius, as evidenced by her use of Hob, Knob, Qubeley, Asgard, and Lucifer. Her innate powers come from her ability to learn any spell-like abilities from monsters that she defeats, making her similar to a Blue Mage from the Final Fantasy series.

With all her abilities and knowledge it may be natural to assume her aloof and arrogant manner is genuine, but this is not the case. Marivel is scared to make friends, having outlived all the ones she's known in life. She's outlived even most of her Crimson Noble brethren and the loneliness and distance depresses her tremendously. With great reluctance, she does indeed eventually make new friendships, particularly with Tony Stark and Scott Summers of Meria.

As a playable character, Marivel is 'optional', and isn't needed to complete the main story of Wild Arms 2. However, Marivel is required to fulfill many of the games secrets and hidden bosses, as her tools are the ones that unlock special areas, summon unusual monsters, and so on. Several details of the ending of the game also change, depending on if Marivel is a part of the party or not.

Judging from her ‘My Mike’ tool, Marivel is an atrocious singer; she’s so awful, she manages to attract monsters. (Source: Wiki)

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