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Full name JyNx
Series   Original
D.o.B / Age   21yr
Height   177cm
B / W / H   110cm / 85cm / 110cm
Weight   58kg
Bloodtype   Not known
Likes   E!(her creator), balls of yarn, and cool glasses/platters of milk.
Dislikes   Overly dirty artwork of herself, having her tail pulled or yanked on.
Affiliated Characters   None
Family   None
Background Info   Not much is known of the catgirl JyNx, she appeared as the spokesmodel for E!'s website and has since became quit a popular kitty. Her popularity is evident by the large amounts of art and space she possesses in E!'s webiste, claiming almost half of the art that is donated to the site. What will be in store for her now, and is the CG Shrines her next target for conquest? (It's more like the Shrines conquered her.. - MK) Only time will tell....=^.^=

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