Dirty Pair
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Full name Kei
Series   Dirty Pair
D.o.B / Age   November 27, 2121AD
Height   171cm
B / W / H   91cm / 55cm / 91cm
Weight   58kg
Bloodtype   A
Likes   Not known
Dislikes   Ghosts
Affiliated Characters   Yuri
Family   Not known
Background Info   Kei is part of an orginization called the World Wide Welfare Association (WWWA), which she acts as a "trouble consultant". This orginazation was formed in 2134 A.D. after Earth started colonizing other worlds to train operatives to handle all forms of trouble facing colonial powers. She makes up half of a team called The Lovely Angels, but they are better known across the cosmos as "The Dirty Pair" since where ever they perform their mission, some disaster befalls it.

Kei is the Weapons Officer aboard their ship, Lovely Angel. Almost always sporting a short cropped hair style, Kei is the tomboy of the two. Equally awesome in hand-to-hand combat as she is with a blaster, she maintains an extensive knowledge of combat techniques, and always carries a large hand held laser. Kei has a very quick temper, and hates to lose. She is also spontaneous to the point of thoughtlessness, and often does many rash things in battle.

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