Dirty Pair
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Full name Yuri
Series   Dirty Pair
D.o.B / Age   March 18, 2122AD
Height   168cm
B / W / H   84cm / 56cm / 90cm
Weight   54kg
Bloodtype   A
Likes   Nice guys
Dislikes   Hairy chests
Affiliated Characters   Kei
Family   Not known
Background Info   Yuri is part of an orginization called the World Wide Welfare Association (WWWA), which she acts as a "trouble consultant". This orginazation was formed in 2134 A.D. after Earth started colonizing other worlds to train operatives to handle all forms of trouble facing colonial powers. She makes up half of a team called the Lovely Angels, but they are better known across the cosmos as "The Dirty Pair" since where ever they perform their mission, some disaster befalls it. Yuri is in the Operations officer of the pair's ship, Lovely Angel. She is the more intelligent of the duo, and has an IQ level of 156. She prefers more discreet and coventional weapons, usually relying on either her compact laser pistol, or her 'Bloody Card'. (Note: The Bloody Card is a specialty weapon designed by WWWA as a small hold out for its operatives. It locks onto all hostile enemies, and uses it's razor sharp edges to cut through nearly anything in its path.) She is the more intellectual of the pair, and has a better understanding of many of the new sciences that are always being produced. She is slow to anger, but once started, even her partner Kei tries to stay out of her way.

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