Dead or Alive 4
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Full name Kokoro
Series   Dead or Alive 4
D.o.B / Age   17yr, December 1st
Height   158cm
B / W / H   90cm / 55cm / 87cm
Weight   49kg
Bloodtype   A
Likes   Playing piano, Anmitsu and Oshiruko (sweet red bean soup)
Dislikes   DoaTEC, loneliness
Affiliated Characters   Ayane, Christie, Helena, Hitomi, Kasumi, Lei-Fang, Lisa, Niki, Rio de Channel, Tina Armstrong
Family   Miyako (mother), Fame Douglas (father), Helena Douglas (half sister)
Background Info   "It's not that I don't like training to be a geisha. It's just that there's something that I enjoy much more than any of my lessons. I really put my heart and soul into my Ba Ji Quan, and that's what I'm truly confident in. I want to test myself. I want to enter the DOA Tournament!" Kokoro is a "maki" - a geisha in training. Her mother, Miyako, was one of Fame Douglas's many mistresses, and after Kokoro's birth, Miyako (who was not allowed to become pragnant with Fame) and her child moved to the country. Kokoro began training to be a geisha, but her heart was not in her training. She asked her mother if she could participate in the 4th Dead or Alive Tournament and after making her mind she left home. Kokoro entered the new Dead or Alive tournament despite the worries of her mother Miyako, who knows all there is to know about the criminal underground. After several rounds of the tournament, Kokoro met with Helena who, unbeknownst to her, is her half-sister. After the tournament Kokoro returned to finish her training and to become a geisha. She uses Ba Ji Quan fighting style.

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